**NEW** Refer-A-Friend Program from Netfox!

Working to save you more everyday

Netfox is happy to introduce our new refer-a-friend program for all new signups. Starting Jan. 15 2016, any existing Netfox customer who refers a new signup to us will be eligible to receive an initial $5.00 credit off their next invoice, plus a $1.00 credit per month for as long as you both remain active customers. It’s our way of saying thank you for your trust, confidence and continued patronage!

In order to qualify, the referred customer must include your name and/or customer number on the order form when they place the order, or mention it over the phone WHEN THEY PLACE THE ORDER. Unfortunately we can’t add the referral once the order is active. The program does not apply to past referrals.

The $5.00 credit is applied once the new referral has made their first payment and service starts. The $1.00 monthly credit will start once their regular recurring billing starts.